Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

within everyone’s reach

Our technology is the solution to the classic problems of Functional Electrical Stimulation. 

Our goal has always been to bring the use of functional electrical stimulation to any rehabilitation therapy so that anyone can use it in an easy, intuitive and effective way, to benefit from all the advantages of this technology.

Thanks to our technology, we have created products that are controlled by a simple application.

  • It adapts to the needs of a wide variety of patients, with different stimulation protocols.
  • Depending on the patient’s stage of rehabilitation, we can create different types of movement; from more analytical movements to more functional movements.
  • Easy integration in the clinic; you don’t have to adapt your way of working, the device adapts to the objective you and the patient have set.

Focused in


Based on this, we have developed two solutions, with a common principle: neurorehabilitation. 

FES is an effective technology if used correctly in rehabilitation processes in those patients with paralysis or paresis of the musculature due to diseases or injuries, such as:

Electrical stimulation has two effects:

  • It contracts the muscle, and therefore generates a specific joint movement.
  • Afferent stimulation, by which the electrical impulse travels through our nervous system, stimulating neuroplasticity, thanks to which new nerve connections are created.

Multi-field functional electrical stimulation.


Thanks to our multi-field electrical stimulation technology we can stimulate in a more selective way, so we can:

  • Generate more precise and more natural movements.
  • Isolate movements to train the ability to generate analytical movements.

Fesia Grasp Precision

It has 32 stimulation zones, and can elicit over 10 primitive movements.

Fesia Walk Precision

With 16 stimulation zones and sensor on the instep, it can elicit the most relevant movements during the gait.